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Stucco home-owners, here’s one for you! Just because you have stucco siding does not mean you are impervious to the elements that Mother Nature brings us every year. Wildly frigid cold snaps, temperatures falling to below -40C. Snow banks that stack up 2ft tall against your foundation. And with our winters playing tug-o-war with our spring season, those plows melt and re-appear several times a year. Calgary is dry, but that’s a relative statement. We do have back to back weeks of thunderous clouds and spontaneous showers. And to cap it off, summer heats can be blistering, and those UV rays are no joke and can expedite the life expectancy of your stucco. The guide below will help educate you on what red flags to look for to determine if your stucco is failing. It is so crucial and important to take care of your property. The small maintenance and…

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COVID-19 Company Policy and Procedures This document was last updated on April 17, 2020.  We’re making changes to improve our policy and procedures daily.  If you have any suggestions to improve our policy and procedures please contact us at info@cvlrypainting.com or 403-992-0857 Overview This is a challenging time for all of us and we are doing the best we can. We appreciate any support, suggestions, recommendations, as well as your understanding as we navigate through these fast-changing times. Our commitment is to continue to provide for our customers and employees while maintaining the highest regard for health and safety, all Executive and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), as well as being socially responsible.  If you have any suggestions to improve our policy and procedures please contact us at info@cvlrypainting.com or 403-992-0857. Section 1: How the Stay at Home Order Impacts CVLRY Painting The Stay at Home Order issued by…

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Trojan Painting Company is officially rebranding and will now be called CVLRY Painting! Myself Adam Browne, Destin Seguin, and Logan Komaric have teamed up to form CVLRY to provide Calgary with a customer focused painting company. Destin and Logan have 10+ years in the painting industry and have been painting contractors on some pretty cool projects including Home For Heroes, Trinity Western University, & Skidmore Hall. ————————————– Get 20% OFF your painting project if you book an estimate by April 30th! Book now —> https://cvlrypainting.com/free-estimate Follow us —> https://www.facebook.com/CVLRYpainting/